Celebrating 30 years of Martin Gold at Radio Brockley!

Earlier this year we celebrated 30 years of Alan Joyce at Radio Brockley, and now, as we rapidly reach May 2021, we are lucky enough to celebrate another one of our dedicated members: Martin Gold.

2021 marks 30 years of Martin’s hard work and commitment to Radio Brockley, and we were lucky enough to have a short interview with him to find out a little bit more as to why he has stuck around for so long!

So, Martin, tell us – why did you join Radio Brockley in the first place? 
I wanted to continue with Hospital Radio & Volunteering work as I had reached the age limit (25) for Edgware Hospital.
Oh wow, so Radio Brockley wasn’t your first Hospital Radio stint!  Can you recall your first day of Radio Brockley, 30 years ago? 
I can recall it vividly: It was a Sunday after-noonish, lots of bods in and out of the studio, going to the wards to collect requests and bingo players (PATIENTS ONLY).
Of course, the famous Bedside Bingo – I know it well!  I do hope we can continue with it once this pandemic is completely over!  Now, perhaps a tricky question, but do you have a favourite memory from your time so far at Radio Brockley?
I went up to ‘Ward 8’ then, now Margaret Harte, and pleaded with the patients to play bingo. Then I would run (or perhaps walk fast) to the landline telephone to call down for a WINNER on B.I.N.G.O.
It was so exciting, not just for the patient, but for me!  We would also took requested songs from the patients & nurses so we had a show afterwards, and I could introduce the songs as well!  It was good fun, and I have fond memories! 
That does sound like good fun! Another tricky question for you: what is your favourite part of being a member at Radio Brockley? 
I think it would have to be playing songs both old and new and having fun at the same time! Pop Quizzes are great as I have got loads of useful & useless knowledge about all kinds of music.  As well as teaching & learning new things.
With all that music knowledge, you would be a great teammate on a Pub Quiz!  Talking of music, what has been your favourite song to play/most requested song played since you started at Radio Brockley? 
It has to be Elvis. It is always interesting that the patients go for those golden hits of the past which must mean a lot to them!
And finally Martin, how have things changed at Radio Brockley since you began volunteering? 
Where do I Start: Audio Tapes, 7″ & 12″ records, full length albums, and we were playing with an 8-track Jingle Machine . Now we have computer & Compact Disc not to mention the email & answer machine requests.  But we are still in the same building, people have gone and new people have come in, and with our winning entries to the HBA Awards!  It has to be said, I’m very proud to be a volunteer at Radio Brockley.
Martin, thank you so much for your time today, but also for your dedication at Radio Brockley; here’s to 30 more years of volunteering at Radio Brockley!