Celebrating Emma Joyce’s 15 years at Radio Brockley

Radio Brockley has the pleasure of celebrating another anniversary this year as Emma Joyce celebrates 15 years of being a member at Radio Brockley. We were able to steal a bit of Emma’s time to find out all about her time here at Radio Brockley.

So Emma, 15 years, that’s a long time! What made you join Radio Brockley in the first place?

I did one of those career tests and it suggested radio! I went down the hospital route as I used to be a patient at Great Ormond Street and remembered their Peter Pan Radio Station (as it was called at the time) being really cool! I nearly joined Radio Barnet but a friend of mine knew one of the trustees at Radio Brockley so I got an introduction there instead. I used to come to RB as often as I could, after school, sometimes even during school, ooops!!

Don’t worry, we won’t tell your teachers or give you detention! Can you recall your first day at Radio Brockley?

Yes, I was shown around in the same way as I guess people are now and I remember thinking I want to get involved in everything and more importantly I want to know what every button does! Haha! I’ve always been mega nosey. We also had an extensive music library back then, before digital, that I was really impressed by.

I have to say, is hard for me to imagine Radio Brockley before it was digital! Do you have a favourite memory from your time at radio Brockley so far?

Ah there have been so many! But it would be rude not to mention meeting my husband Alan Joyce there. That was 14 years ago now which is crazy! He’s encouraged me in all my Radio Brockley endeavours including being trustee and various new shows! Also I’ve been privileged enough to interview some fantastic guests! Learnt my radio craft and had the opportunity to get really creative. (Hopefully also continue to do so)

That is so amazing that you met your husband at Radio Brockley- how special! how have you found being a member during covid these last 18 months?

Difficult to be honest, I’m sure just like everyone else. The studio has been an escape from reality just like it has been for many others and obviously we haven’t been able to use it in the same way. Also as a regular presenter and one of the founders of Alpha Sessions we loved doing regular live sessions with up and coming musicians. It has been hard to not be able to do these although of course I understand the risks in this current climate. We have started them back though with the appropriate precautions in place, as advised by the RNOH. On the positive side, not being able to do the Alpha Sessions in the usual way has meant that we were forced to explore technology and do the at-home sessions instead! So we now do both!

It is incredible how Radio Brockley has adapted during this tumultuous time! Now, it probably goes without saying, as a radio presenter, you must love music- do you have a favourite singer or band?

Ah the forever impossible question! Radio Brockley has definitely introduced me to music that I would not have been aware of otherwise. I’d say Fleetwood Mac but also Foals! Two very different bands but tend to love anything epic-sounding!

Now finally we have one last question for you Emma. You have officially been at Radio Brockley for 15 years- in that time how have things changed at RB?

The main thing for me is technology, bear in mind I joined a year before we got the playout system. The thought that we would be on air overnight or at times when we didn’t have live shows necessarily going out seemed crazy and so innovative! The innovation of WiFi too! I’ve stayed in touch and been close with a lot of members who aren’t members anymore or aren’t able to be as active within the station. There are more females at the station than when I started! Oh and we’ve won lots of awards thanks to the hard work and effort of various members! So lots has changed but mostly for the better and progression of London’s longest-running hospital radio station!

Emma, thank you so much for your time today, and also your commitment and dedication to Radio Brockley over the past 15 years- here is to many more memories, Alpha Sessions, and Radio Brockley member quizzes!