From time to time, people take the trouble to say nice things about us, and we’d like to share them with you.

Message from Deb’s, wife of patient Peter on Duke of Gloucester Ward in May 2023
Thank you for playing my request for Peter, he was really pleased to hear his name mentioned. I used to volunteer at City Hospital Radio in St Albans and I know it is nice when you get requests and nice when they are appreciated.

Tweet from Sam, a patient on Jubilee Rehab Ward, September 2022
A huge thanks to the team at @RNOHnhs  radio @Radiobrockley  it was #wonderful to have our #requests taken and #played this evening. I look forward to #requesting more @ladychatterley  next week for the listeners. #patients #music #inclusion

Message from Leonie, a patient, November 2020
Thanks for playing my song (Hotel California)! Cheered me up after my hip replacement surgery! Keep the anthems coming! 🙂

Tweet from Graham, a patient, September 2020
Nice to see one of the guys coming to see me on Duke of Gloucester Ward this evening and having a quick chat, lovely to to see a new face, finding it hard not seeing family face to face. Thanks for playing uplifting music. Thanks again

Letter from Pat, a patient on London Irish Ward and also Duke of Gloucester Ward, January 2020
Thank you for playing my reggae music for me. I was here last year on London Irish Ward ….John came in to see me…. Reggae music is my favourite and I must say the music cheered me up no end. Unfortunately, I’m back this year…. on the Duke of Gloucester Ward. I met John again and he played more reggae for me… “Thank you” John and Radio Brockley for cheering me up. Thank you all, God bless…. keep up the good work. Best wishes Pat.

Request from Phil, a patient, January 2020
On Wednesday I had a below knee amputation after years of suffering from severe osteoarthritis in my ankle. Huge thanks to all the staff here at RNOH who have taken great care of me over the past week. It’s going to be a tough year recovering and learning to walk again on a prosthesis but I’m up for the challenge! God bless the NHS and for those in care I wish you all a speedy recovery and prosperous 2020.

Email from Tom, patient on London Irish Ward, June 2019
I’m just listening to Tiny Dancer (Elton John), thank you for playing it for me.  I think it’s a brilliant song.  Keep up the good work.

Message from Natalia on Jubilee Rehab Ward, March 2019
All the songs you played for me and my family… Would like to say thank you for playing all my songs tonight has been a pleasure to listen to the songs. 

Email from Andrew, Jackson Burrows Ward patient, February 2019
Thanks for playing my requests on Thursday night, I enjoyed my few days with you. You’re doing a great job, keep it up!

Facebook posting from Margaret, a long stay patient on Margaret Harte Ward, November 2018

Marion, a long stay patient of Ward 4, sent in a photo of how she she keeps her Bedside Bingo prizes in November 2018.

She called her logo bugs “Bingo Blobbies“:

Email from ex-patient Kate, with request for current patient Pat, September 2018
As an ex-patient of the RNOH I remember how much I loved Radio Brockley and the many requests that were played for me some years ago.
Please would you play any Oasis track for a very good friend of ours, Pat, who is now a patient in the Duke of Gloucester Ward. Hurry up and get back on those pins Pat.
We will see you soon, lots of love and God Bless from Kate & Patsy xx
Thanks a million for the joy you bring to the patients and thanks in general to all the medical staff at the RNOH for the most wonderful work they do. I owe my wonderful life to a fantastic consultant of long ago namely Mr Manning.
Thanks and keep up the great work.

Note from ex-patient and member Amy, September 2018
….before I leave to go to university to study medicine…I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone here for making it a lovely place to volunteer at.  A special big thanks to Keith, David, Alan and Emma for all the valuable lessons you have taught me, both in the studio and out.  Thank you and I’ll see you soon.

Email from Izabela, patient on Coleman Ward, August 2018
On Tuesday evening I have met lovely lady on Coleman Ward who played a track for me. I have asked for relaxation music.
I would like to thank from bottom of my heart for such warm words, dedication and playing that wonderful track, great choice. Thanks to that I had smile on my face till I fell asleep.
Also I would like to say that hospital radio is an amazing idea, it helped me so much while I was at hospital. Relaxation music during the night helps to fell asleep and morning songs wakes you up in smooth but joyful way, great choices about songs, all makes your time in hospital much better, help to go through that tough time.
Thank you so much and all the best for all of you, also hope all patients will get better soon!

Email from John on Ward 4, April 2018
Thanks for bothering to play my request “You are the new day” sung by the King’s Singers. First of all I got all emotional because I miss my wife and kids, but then I have been grinning from ear to ear.
Thanks for volunteering at the Radio tonight. Your care is so appreciated.

Card from Margaret, patient on the Jubilee Rehab Ward, summer 2017
Thank you so much for all you have done for me and everyone else on the Jubilee Rehab Ward.  You come into the ward like a ray of sunshine, to brighten up our day and help us to settle in and not be concerned with the hospital experience.  You make being in hospital so much easier.  Thank you for putting a smile on all our faces. I know I will miss you next week. Thank you all for the wonderful requests and all you do on Radio Brockley. Take care. Best wishes.

Card from Eleanor, ex-member, February 2017
Thank you for having me! I am sad to leave.  You’re a lovely group of people and volunteering was a lot of fun.  Enjoy the parting gift (chocolates).

Card from Sue, ex-patient, August 2016
Thank you for everything you do – we are grateful you cheer us up!!

Message from Jean, a patient in Margaret Harte Ward, March 2016
Thank you to Radio Brockley. You do a wonderful job.

Email from Diana, a patient’s mother, December 2015
Thank you Jack and Lisa for making Lily’s night amazing by playing her selection of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Ellie Goulding and One Direction! She’s had a major op and has had a couple of really tough days but with your mention of her and played some songs you made all that go away and a very happy girl! Thank you!!

Message from Rachel, a former patient, November 2015
I was a patient for over a month, and it was only Radio Brockley that kept me going. Thanks, everyone, for doing such a good job.

Feedback from Wendy, a patient in Margaret Harte Ward, August 2015
Sunday’s Request Show was the best show that I have listened to since I arrived. The music was great, and the show flowed beautifully.

Card from Sue, a patient in Duke of Gloucester Ward, August 2015
Thank you for everything that you do – we are grateful, you cheer us up.

Email from Suzanne, a patient, June 2015
Thank you so much. I’ve never had a request played before. I was feeling a little low, but after hearing my song, I feel so much better. Keep up the good work. I will be listening all night. Good night and thank you once again. x

Email from a patient’s relative, November 2014
Thank you to Margaret and Les for visiting Jane in Duke of Gloucester Ward – they made her feel better than morphine does!

Card from Rosemary, a patient in Jackson Burrows Ward, 21 July 2014
Just wanted to say a big thank you to you for brightening the night when you played requests for all the patients on Jackson Burrows Ward. We appreciated it, and now that I’m home, I’m still smiling about the sing-along we had. Bless you all and many thanks.

Email from Sarah, 18, a patient in Ward 4, 22 June 2014
Thank you for playing my two requests, they made my day. Also, thank you ever so much to Margaret for coming to play bingo with me. Thank you again!!

Email from Joe Lemer, Early Breakfast Presenter, BBC West
As a former member (I joined in 1994) just read the brilliant news about the success Radio Brockley had at the Hospital Radio Awards 2014!  Well done to all involved for what clearly was outstanding programming for you to be recognised in this way. I’ve never forgotten the experience and training the station gave me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without Radio Brockley. It’s where it all began! I hope to come back and pay a visit soon.

Request from Katie, a patient in the Jubilee Rehab Unit, 27 February 2014:
Thank you to everyone who supported my through this. I’ll miss you all.

Text from a patient in the Coleman Unit, 22 February 2014:
Loving your show. Had a go at singing along to all the tunes, even though I don’t know most of the words.  Thanks. Really enjoyed the Bob Marley.

Freda, former patient in Margaret Harte Ward:
Just a quick line to say thanks and goodbye.  You have helped the year pass quickly.  I am moving to rehab in Hertfordshire.  Sorry I never got round to visiting your studio – good luck!

Mike Solomons (Founder Member) on the occasion of our 45th birthday (2011):
I think you should all know I’m intensely proud of Radio Brockley and its achievements, and especially at the way it seems still to value hard work by skilled volunteers so highly.  As I have said in the past – well done!

Barry Cobden (Founder Member) on the occasion of our 45th birthday (2011):
Have listened to the online recording and it brought back some memories. Congratulations and best wishes for all you’ve done.

Ian Downs (Founder Member) on the occasion of our 45th birthday (2011):
Many thanks for the opportunity to be involved in the 45th anniversary of the station. I feel extremely honoured. Little did we know all those years ago that RB would still be running. A big happy birthday to Radio Brockley, you have reached middle age!

Husain Akhtar (Local Harrow Councillor, Canons Ward):
As a local councillor I have come across many residents who highly praise the Radio Brockley for its excellent service to the users of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore.
It is wonderful that the station, visited by celebrities like Sir Cliff Richard, is run entirely by unpaid volunteers who have been providing a superb radio service to patients at the RNOH.
Not only this but the volunteers have helpfully raised very useful funds through activities such as raffles at the festive times. Very well done Radio Brockley!

Nick from Shoreham-by-Sea (long-term returning patient):
Thank you very much for having me!  Thanks to everyone. Best wishes.

Sue Walker (ex patient):
My name is Sue Walker. I just wanted to send and congratulate you on your HBA gold award for your 2011 special event. I have just been listening to the recording which is brilliant.
In 1974, I spent eight and a half weeks in RNOH at Stanmore where I had a chiari operation (the pelvis was cut to make the socket deeper as a result of dislocated hips). My surgeon was Mr. Catterall. I am e-mailing you as it was the hospital radio which kept me going during that long time in hospital. I used to love the Sunday Bingo sessions and when I came out of plaster after six weeks and started to learn to walk again the rest of the ward had ‘These boots are made for walkin’ by Nancy Sinatra played for me. My name then was Susan Blake and I was 22.
I now live in Weston-super-Mare. As a result of my experience in Stanmore I have become involved with Sunshine Hospital Radio at Weston-super-Mare General Hospital. In fact, I am now in my second year as Chairman.
I just wanted to send congratulations and thanks as I don’t think I would be doing this if I had not had such a positive experience of Hospital Radio.

Anastasia and her Mum:
Thank you so much for the beautiful songs you played for us!  What you are doing is very important for the patients. We will never forget you and the happy hours with “Bedside Bingo”.  God bless you all!!

Mrs T from Romford, on her RNOH “Say So” feedback form:
Every week they (the Patient Reps) come round, full of enthusiasm. They always play our requests on Thursdays, as they know a lot of patients finish their treatment on Fridays, and they really boost us. Keep up the fantastic work. Thank you.