Alpha Sessions Marks 15 Years of New Music Shows

Radio Brockley marked 15 years of the Alpha Sessions new music show by hosting a day of special live interviews and sessions, featuring 9 former guests who had returned to the studio to give their birthday wishes and perform for the show again.

The show welcomed back Charlotte Campbell, Joulie Fox, Phil Maguire, Gigi Harland, Kitty Montague, Natalie Shay, Danny Toeman, Natalie Lindi and Lucy Wroe.

The show’s two founding members – Emma and Alan Joyce – hosted parts of the proceedings, joined in the studio by long-term Radio Brockley member Ron Laver and our latest Alpha Sessions recruit, Macie Lewis. The interviews were streamed live on the Alpha Sessions Instagram page.

In a further special event to celebrate the show’s success, the Alpha Sessions team hosted a special gig at the legendary Green Note in Camden, in association with Talentbanq. They welcomed three artists who had been on the show – Ella Clayton, Lucy Wroe and Say Anise. The show was SOLD OUT! Talentbanq CEO Ray Jones who praised the team for supporting Independent Artists over the last 15 years.

If you want to see just some of the artists who have been involved during that time, have a look at this special video compilation

15 Years of Alpha Sessions – YouTube

The show was started back in 2008 by the now husband and wife team of Emma and Alan Joyce. The show was originally called “Behind The Music”, and our very first guest was Steve Mahoney. Our only social media at that time was MySpace.

In 2012 the show changed its name to “Alpha Sessions” and with the rise of social media, started interacting with artists on Twitter (now “X”) and Facebook. By 2013 the sessions started to also be shared on YouTube (audio only).

Then, in 2016, as part of Radio Brockley’s 50th birthday, a special live Alpha Sessions show was put out on Radio Brockley, and Ron Laver filmed the sessions for YouTube. From that moment Ron became part of the Alpha Sessions family, and sessions have been filmed ever since.

In 2020, with lockdowns and Covid, Alpha Sessions launched its “at home” sessions online, and spoke to artists from all over the world. Tobie Petitt joined the crew and regularly hosted interviews. The sessions were also broadcast regularly on Potters Bar Radio as well as on Radio Brockley.

Since returning to the studio in 2021, the show started welcoming artists as guest hosts – including Lucy WroeEmily Barnett (Say Anise), Sophie Yaron and Sarah Gargano.

Now, in 2023, we celebrate 15 years of the show – having recorded over 400 interviews, and have our biggest ever audience through YouTube, Instagram, podcast, and now TikTok. We also have welcomed another new regular member to the team in Macie Lewis.