Alpha Sessions Playlist – June 2022

Emma Joyce, Alan Joyce, Ron Laver and Lucy Wroe introduce the very best in new and unsigned artists to Radio Brockley, including live sessions and interviews with some of the very best new talent around.

If you want to submit your tunes for the award-winning show, or be considered for an interview and live session – either online or at the studio – which will be made available on our YouTube channel, email

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“GOD THE FATHER” by Jenny Colquitt
Jenny Colquitt (@JennyColquitt) / Twitter

“LEAVE ME SWEETLY” by Jack Schwab
Jack Schwab // Leave Me Sweetly out now! (@rightaboutjack) / Twitter

Lea G - YouTube

“LION EYES” by Daisy Chute
Daisy Chute | Spotify

“THE CHURCH BELL” by Phil Maguire
Stream Phil Maguire music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on  SoundCloud

“ALL IT IS” by Laura Beckwith
laura beckwith – Music and Tour News

“UNWIRED” by AmeyA
AmeyA (@AmeyaKo) / Twitter

“SURVIVE” by Raz & Afla
Raz & Afla | Spotify

“ARCHIE” by Sorcha Richardson
Tweets with replies by Sorcha Richardson (@SorchaRichardsn) / Twitter

“THE END” by Morgan Johnston
The End - song by Morgan Johnston | Spotify

“STITCHES” by The Baytrees
Baytrees (@baytreesband) / Twitter

“LAST DAY ON EARTH” by Caitlin Quisenberry
Caitlin Quisenberry (@CaitlinQuis) / Twitter

“PLANE TICKETS” by Beth Keeping
Bio — Beth Keeping