HBA Awards heading back to Bolton

The annual Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) awards and conference are heading back to Bolton in 2020, just three years after they were last held there.

The dates for the conference are Friday 27th to Sunday 29th March, with the annual awards and gala meal on the evening of Saturday 28th. It will be held at the Holiday Inn, and they will also be celebrating 50 years of the Hospital Broadcasting Association.

Booking for the event is likely to open at the end of the year. Any submissions for the awards are usually due by mid-November, so if anyone is interested in helping out please speak to Alan Joyce or Ron Laver.

Radio Brockley has had a hugely successful last few years at the awards. Here’s what we have achieved over the last few years:

2019 Nominations

  • Station Of The Year
  • Special Event – Alpha Sessions 10th Anniversary
  • Speech Package – UCL Open Day
  • Best Newcomer – Kate Beatty
  • Station Promotion – On The Mend


  • Gold – Station Of The Year
  • Bronze – Best Speech Package – reports on the construction of, and the
  • Nomination (top 5) – Best Programme with Multiple Presenters – “Thursday Live”


  • Gold – Best Speech Package “The Story of Radio Brockley”
  • Silver – Station of the Year
  • Bronze – Specialist Music Programme “Music Travels” with Daniel Edward
  • Nomination – Best Female Presenter, Judy De Hellner


  • Gold – Station of the Year
  • Silver – Best Speech Package “RNOH Clinical Trials Day” for Ron Laver and
  • Bronze – Station Promotion “Thursday Live”.
  • Nomination – Specialist Music Show “The Country Music Show” with Ron Laver
  • The John Whitney Award was presented to Keith Reeve for his outstanding contribution to UK hospital broadcasting.


  • Silver – Station Of The Year
  • Bronze – Station Promotion “The Thursday Experience”
  • Bronze – Special Event Charity Bike Ride
  • Bronze – Best Female Presenter Marge Walker


  • Gold – Best Speech Package for Keith Reeve’s coverage of HRH Princess Eugenie’s surprise Christmas visit to the children’s wards
  • Silver – Best Newcomer Molly Townson
  • Bronze – Station Of The Year
  • Nomination – Best Female Presenter Molly Townson


  • Nominations – Station of The Year, Special Event and Best Speech Package.
  • Gold – Special Event for coverage of the opening of the RNOH Outpatient Assessment Centre at Bolsover Street.  The programme was produced by Keith Reeve, supported by other Radio Brockley team members.