Queen stay at No.1 on June 2019 Request Chart

Queen have topped our monthly request chart for the second month in a row, and for the third time in 2019, as they were the most popular artist in June, as chosen by the patients of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. They received double the number of request as the runner-up, Elvis Presley, who climbed one place from May. The Beatles, Whitney Houston and Ed Sheeran rounded off the Top 5. Elton John re-entered the Top 10 at number 9, with the film about his life helping push him up the charts, much like Queen.

The most popular song of the month was “Bohemian Ehapsody” by Queen, which is in the running to top our annual request chart for the first time since 1992. Tracks by Ed Sheeran, Metallica and Pharrell Williams were also in our monthly Top 10.

Here are June’s most requested artists:

1)  (1)   Queen
2)  (3)   Elvis Presley
3)  (5)   The Beatles
4)  (-)   Whitney Houston
5)  (6)   Ed Sheeran
6)  (-)   Amy Winehouse
7)  (-)   Electric Light Orchestra
8) (12)  Frank Sinatra
9)  (-)   Elton John
10)(-)   Rolling Stones