Queen Top February 2019 Request Chart

Queen have climbed back to the number one spot in the request chart for February 2019. Based on requests chosen by patients of the RNOH, our all-time most requested group didn’t receive any requests at all in January, but made up for it last month by comfortably reaching number one. Last year’s most requested artist Elvis Presley climbed back up six places to No.2 whilst Cliff Richard returns to the Top 10 at No.3. Roy Orbison and Madness make rare appearances in our Top 10 at No.4 and No.5 respectively.

The most popular songs of the month were “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and “Mr Brightside” by The Killers. The former has been very popular again in recent months thanks to the film, and could be a contender for the most requested song of 2019, where it currently lies in second place:

Here are February’s most requested artists:

1)  (-)   Queen
2)  (8)   Elvis Presley
3)  (-)   Cliff Richard
4)  (-)   Roy Orbison
5)  (-)   Madness
6)  (-)   The Killers
7)  (-)   Amy Winehouse
8)  (-)   Rolling Stones
9)  (1)   Ed Sheeran
10)(5)   Adele