Radio Brockley Joins New HBA Podcast Network

The Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) recently announced the launch of a new platform which allows HBA Member stations to share podcast content to all major providers including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Radio Brockley, London’s longest-running hospital radio station, became the first hospital radio station in the UK to join the new platform, and York Hospital Radio has now also joined up with several other stations in the pipeline.

There has been a podcast boom in recent years and HBA is working to create a one-stop-shop platform for all health and wellbeing related content produced by its stations, which can be heard by patients within hospitals and the wider community via popular podcast networks.

Liam Heffernan, HBA’s Digital Team Leader who is behind the project, said:

“The HBA exists to support health and wellbeing broadcasters across the UK. In recent years, as the audio landscape has evolved and people listen to content in more ways, hospital radio stations have experienced unprecedented challenges. Our members are constantly balancing their ambition against the financial and administrative barriers that come with being a local charity.

The HBA Podcast Network is the first podcast network of its kind in the world, specifically designed to remove these barriers. Our members can now launch and run their podcasts at no cost, with all the ongoing expertise and support they need to create amazing content. The response we’ve had so far has been fantastic, and as the network grows we hope it will completely transform the future of health and wellbeing broadcasting.”

Mark from Captivate continues:

“Hospital, health and wellbeing broadcasting is such an important and great cause. The work that HBA is doing in this space is wonderfully conscientious and very well delivered, and Captivate is proud to be a small part of that!”

Ian Pinnell, HBA Communications Executive commented:

“This network will bolster the output of stations, many of whom broadcast online as well as at the bedside and enable healthcare messages to reach patients, staff, visitors and the wider community from their own devices.

Procedures in the NHS have become much more advance over the years, that what would usually be a stay in hospital for a week, is now often a procedure where patients can go home the same day, or stay in hospital for a couple of days after, so podcasts are a great way to get health messages across in a short space of time. The platform will also allow greater collaboration between HBA and our key stakeholders, including the NHS.