The Stanmore Building Opens to Patients

Radio Brockley volunteers visited patients in the brand new wards for the first time last Sunday, as The Stanmore Building was finally opened to patients at the RNOH.

The opening of the new building comes after a thirty-year campaign to replace the hut wards which had been in operation since World War 2. The building includes:
* a 27 bed children / young people’s ward plus play areas;
* two adult acute wards of 32 beds each;
* a 28 bed private ward, from which profits will be reinvested into the NHS;
* a spacious 50-foot high atrium including a coffee shop and children’s activity area.

The new wards also feature a brand new entertainment system which means that people can now stream Radio Brockley without needing to bring in a smart-phone or tablet. The options also include YouTube, so they can now watch our Alpha Sessions videos from their beds too. They also have a quick-dial to our internal phone, making patient interaction easier than ever.

Rob Hurd, Chief Executive of the RNOH, said: “The Stanmore Building is the first step in an exciting future for the RNOH and builds upon an impeccable legacy of innovation in orthopaedics. The spacious new building, patient facilities and stunning art provide a fitting environment to deliver the best care and for staff to work in. The Stanmore name is known around the world for pioneering many of the now-standard procedures; we are setting the gold standard for clinical outcomes. The support and enthusiasm shown by the staff, patients and supporters – both past and present – has brought us here and I want to say, on behalf of the RNOH, thank you. Without them, we could not have done it. We intend to be here for at least another 100 years, putting patients first, always”.

You can listen back to our special Brockley News show, featuring a tour of the new building, by clicking on the link below: