Alpha Sessions Playlist – December 2019

Emma Joyce, Alan Joyce and Ron Laver introduce the very best in new and unsigned artists to Radio Brockley, including live sessions and interviews with some of the very best new talent around.

If you want to submit your tunes for the award-winning show, or be considered for an interview and live session at the studio which will be made available on our YouTube channel, email

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“I WISH (IT DIDN’T END LIKE THIS)” by Bailey Tomkinson
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“NOW” by Becky Lawrence
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“LONELY” by Danny McMahon
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“OUR LOVE IS” by Cerian featuring Robert Taira Wilson
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“CREDIT” by Crouton Cannon
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“NOT MY LOVE” by Tom Ashbrook and Ruby Duff
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“FOR YOU” by Saskia Griffiths-Moore
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“GIVE THANKS” by Daisy Chute
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“WHEN YOU LEAVE” by Molly-Anne
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“SUSAN” by Ebony Buckle
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“SOMEWHERE” by Josh Stevens
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“LOVE YOU TO DEATH” by Emma McGann
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