Alpha Sessions Playlist – July 2021

Emma Joyce, Alan Joyce, Ron Laver and Tobie Pettitt introduce the very best in new and unsigned artists to Radio Brockley, including live sessions and interviews with some of the very best new talent around.

If you want to submit your tunes for the award-winning show, or be considered for an interview and live session – either online or at the studio – which will be made available on our YouTube channel, email

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“MEDICINE BOY” by Natalie Shay
NATALIE SHAY (@NatalieShay_) | Twitter

“WANT YOU ALWAYS” by Four Nights
Four Nights (@iamfournights) | Twitter

“TAKE MY DEMONS” by Caitlin Mae
Caitlin Mae (@CaitlinMaeUK) | Twitter

Lea G (@Lea_G_Music) | Twitter

“AS I SAW YOU THEN” by Waiting For Smith
Artist 'Waiting For Smith' Drops 'As I Saw You Then' – Occhi Magazine

“NEVER RUIN” by March
Stream March - Never Ruin by March | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

“EARL” by Adele & Andy
A Love That Is Rare by Adele & Andy : Napster

“WILD WOMAN” by Ebony Buckle
Stream Ebony Buckle music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on  SoundCloud

Power Ranger - Single by Pikes | Spotify

“IT’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT” by My Girl The River
MyGirlTheRiverNewSongJuly2✨ (@mygirltheriver) | Twitter

“STILL STANDING” by Iain Wilson
Iain Wilson (@IainWilson__) | Twitter

“SLOWLY” by Olivia Dean
Olivia Dean (@oliviadeano) | Twitter

“THE THOUGHT” by Emma Kelly
emma kelly (@emmakellymusic_) | Twitter