Alpha Sessions Playlist – November 2020

Emma Joyce, Alan Joyce and Ron Laver introduce the very best in new and unsigned artists to Radio Brockley, including live sessions and interviews with some of the very best new talent around.

If you want to submit your tunes for the award-winning show, or be considered for an interview and live session – either online or at the studio – which will be made available on our YouTube channel, email

You can watch and listen to our latest interviews via our YouTube site:


“UNDERWATER” by Beth Keeping
Beth Keeping - YouTube

“I NEED YOU” by Kieran Lancini
Who the hell is sexy Aussie singer Kieran Lancini?

Review : 'If You Loved Me Once' Máiréad - New Single - "Nostalgia, romance,  and story"

“ARCHETYPE X” by Jordan Paul
Jordan Paul releases new single, "Archetype X" | Canadian Beats Media

“CLOUDS OVER ME” by Lauren Collins
Review: Lauren & Ewan Collins Join Forces To Release The Brand New Single “Clouds  Over Me”! – Fierce & Fabulous Revolution

“SO LONG” by Koala Club
Koala Club 'So Long' | Indie Buddie

“SAVING GRACE” by Daniele Alan-Carter and Lucy Warr
Lucy Warr on Spotify


“KEEP HOLDING ON” by Luke White
Official Luke White Music - YouTube

“RADIOACTIVE” by Kate Lomas
Kate Lomas's stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds

“BEST WORST HABIT” by Danny McMahon
Danny McMahon (@dannymcmahonuk) | Twitter

“NOTHING NEW” by Chloe Bodur
chloe bodur, “glory” | imperfect fifth

“BLUE” by Nyah Grace
NYAH GRACE - Lyrics, Playlists & Videos | Shazam