Radio Brockley Mug Stars in Music Video!

Radio Brockley has featured in a music video for the very first time! The latest video by Steve Mahoney & The Milkshakes features a kitchen scene in which an old Radio Brockley mug is clearly visible.

Steve was the first EVER guest of the Alpha Sessions (then called “Behind The Music”) when the show launched back in 2008 by Emma Joyce (then Emma Nouriel). Since then the show has welcomed over a hundred guests and this year celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Steve Mahoney on twitter (@MahoneyReturns) commented in response to us challenging anyone else to an even more impressive use of a Radio Brockley mug… “I for one think it should be a thing! Will make sure it’s in the next video!”

Meanwhile you can watch the full video for their new single, “Lorraine’s Pain (Is On The Wane)” here: