Radio Brockley Welcomes Two New Trustees

Radio Brockley has welcomed two new trustees this month. Michael Hippolyte and Rebecca Lewis have joined the team alongside Keith Reeve, David Rauch and Neil Boyte.

It follows the resignation from the post of Caroline Keating. We would like to thank Caroline for all her work in the role, during which she recently was nominated for her speech package of the RNOH rooftop report she recorded for Brockley News last year.

We thought it would be good to find out a bit more about Radio Brockley’s two new trustees, so here’s a bit more about why they wanted to be involved:

Why did you want to be a trustee for Radio Brockley?

Rebecca: Although I only became a member of Radio Brockley in January, I have tried to really get involved in the station in as many ways as possible; I lacked a lot of confidence, but the trustees and other Radio Brockley members’ support really encouraged me to experiment with creating my own material for Radio Brockley, as well as meeting staff at RNOH, and most importantly, building relationships with the patients. In turn, I would like to give new members, and members who may also lack confidence in getting involved, the same support and encouragement I received.

Michael: I wanted to be a trustee as it will give me the opportunity to contribute my skills and expertise to a great cause that is important to me. Furthermore I will be able to learn from other trustees and gain new insights from seeing how others respond to situations and make decisions.

What are your ambitions in the role?

Rebecca: We are facing a really strange time on a global scale, and I hope that in my new role as trustee for Radio Brockley I can help to think of new and innovative ideas to ensure we are able to adapt and continue to provide this most valued service to the patients of RNOH. My hope is to provide support and encouragement to existing members, as well as inspiring other young people to join Radio Brockley, to ensure the continuation of this vital service.

Michael: My ambitions in the role are to play an integral part in good governance of the charity, ensuring that the charity remains viable, sustainable and adheres closely to its mission in the interests of its beneficiaries. In addition to increase awareness, youthfulness and diversity.


We wish Rebecca and Michael all the best of luck in the role, and we look forward to seeing what fresh ideas they bring to the station.