The End of the RB Vinyl Era

Radio Brockley finally said goodbye to its last remaining vinyl records in its library after nearly 51 years of building it up. At its peak in the 1990s the station had over 5,500 7″ singles and 800 LP’s, along with a few 12″ singles.

When Radio Brockley first started in 1966, the records which were used by the station were mainly owned by the members of the time, but gradually the station built up its own collection.

During the late 1990s, some of the records started to be replaced with CDs, and in the last 10 years digital versions of our library have gradually been uploaded to our Playout System.

The last remaining records were sold off to a vinyl specialist, former member Darren Harte. Many of the records were not in good condition and not in their original sleeves. It will create valuable storage space, and also mean that newer engineers will no longer have to learn how to use the record decks.

However the turntables remain, and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before one of our members will be bringing a record in to play from their personal collection, just like it was in 1966!!

Long live vinyl!