Volunteer Macie Lewis Receives Two National Award Nominations

Radio Brockley volunteer Macie Lewis has received a double nomination for the annual Hospital Broadcasting Association national awards, which are due to be held in April.

Macie is among the 10 shortlisted presenters for the Best Newcomer and Best Female Presenter categories!

On hearing the news of the nominations, Macie said “When I found out that I was first nominated for ‘Best Newcomer Presenter’ I was shocked as did not expect to be chosen out of presenters from over 200 Hospital Radio Stations, especially only being 17 years old. When my name had been called my mum and I were cheering on the couch out of excitement! A few moments later, HBA revealed the top 10 for ‘Best Female Presenter’ and once I heard my name called again, we were all cheering out of happiness and pride and was shocked to know that I had made the shortlist! This truly is a dream come true.”

Macie joined Radio Brockley over a year ago, and is a regular member of the Tuesday request team. We asked her more about why she wanted to join London’s longest-running hospital radio:
“I found a love for radio when joining Radio Brockley – I knew I wanted to be a journalist when I enrolled in an online work experience which taught me about the different paths within journalism. I was torn between print and broadcast but decided to join my local hospital radio station to gain experience and see what it was like. At Radio Brockley I have gained more than experience, everyone has been so helpful and give up their own time to teach me the best ways of presenting or technical skills. They also provide me with many opportunities that have helped start my career, for example interviewing for Alpha Sessions and creating my own radio show ‘The Seasons Show.’ Overall, I would love to be a journalist to give voice to those who are unable to speak up, for example one thing I love about Radio Brockley is meeting patients who tell me fascinating stories about their lives and then I am able to retell the stories on our ‘Request Show’ so all the patients can learn more about each other!”

The awards will be held on Saturday 13 April (location still to be announced).