Alpha Sessions Playlist – July 2020

Emma Joyce, Alan Joyce and Ron Laver introduce the very best in new and unsigned artists to Radio Brockley, including live sessions and interviews with some of the very best new talent around.

If you want to submit your tunes for the award-winning show, or be considered for an interview and live session – either online or at the studio – which will be made available on our YouTube channel, email

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Alpha Session Playlist


“SCARLET WOMAN” by Louise Golbey and Mafro W.
Louise Golbey Releases New Single “Scarlet Woman”

“OF THE NIGHT” by Lucy Wroe
Lucy Wroe's stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds

“BLUE” by Joe Turone
Joe Turone's stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds

“WYNONA” by Mia Pembroke
Wynona, a song by Mia Pembroke on Spotify

“MEANS TO AN END” by In The Forest
In the forest

“LIE TO ME” by Louise Parker
Louise parker (@LouisePMusic) | Twitter

“CLARK KENT” by Sub-Radio
Sub-Radio – Clark Kent Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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“CURE” by Rahmel Lee and Jenem
Rahmel Lee

“HIDING FROM THE RAIN” by Heather Gruber
Heather Gruber (@heathergruber) | Twitter

“CALL HOME” by Sophie Kilburn
Sophie Kilburn's stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds

“NU LOW” by Sipprell
Sipprell - Letter D [EP] | AboutToBlow

“WANTED” by Brittany McLamb
Brittany McLamb~ “Artist Spotlight”!!!

“TAKE YOU WITH ME” by Lunarosa
Lunarosa on Spotify