Radio Brockley supports HeadStart Volunteers Programme

Radio Brockley is supporting an innovative volunteering programme that connects enthusiastic young people aged 16-19 to voluntary placements within their communities. The HeadStart project, run by The Challenge, enables young people to gain skills, gain confidence, and if they complete 16 hours of volunteering they are eligible for a part-time job interview! It also gives Radio Brockley a chance to recruit potential new volunteers by introducing them to the basics of putting shows together, interview techniques, editing and presenting.

A team of Radio Brockley volunteers including Alan Joyce, David Rauch, Caroline Keating, Swathi Sivanesan and Sue Weston have given up their free time to support the volunteers.

Samantha Brough, who has worked in the radio industry for a number of years, visited Radio Brockley to meet the team and introduce us to the project. The programme provides partners with the opportunity to recruit a new generation of young volunteers to support their cause and fulfil their mission.

To find out more about the project, you can visit the website at